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Effective pest control begins with knowing you have selected a company who is licensed and experienced.  There are both quality nationwide firms such as Terminix®, Orkin® and then many family owned, independent local firms.  Deciding which is right for you requires either looking at each company individually or simply using our convenient "Get an Estimate" form - this allows you to receive up to 3 price quotes with the convenience of just one click.

How we choose pest management companies to quote work for you:


  •  Verify license.  Each state has a government office who regulates licensing.  Anyone can verify licensing by calling this office.  Here is a helpful link for each state pesticide regulatory office.
  • Ensure the company does ongoing and regular training done by a qualified individual.
  • Having a plan that takes into consideration how use of pesticides will impact the overall environment including lawn, garden, interior air quality and more. 
  • Does the company employ or have access to an entomologist? There are two levels of training including associate certified and board certified for entomologists.

Years in Business

  • How many years has the company been in business?  We like to check with the local Better Business Bureau,
  • What is the history of the organization and ownership?
  • In the past has the firm handled a situation specifically like what you have and will they provide a reference to this past customer?


  • The firm should readily provide individuals and companies who they have provided service for in the past
  • Don't trust "review" sites as your reference point.  Too many of these sites are all about advertising dollars.
  • Verify past history using the Better Business Bureau as they have a long history of fair and quality work.

Cost and Value

  • Our network will provide you an estimate for services in writing.
  • With the estimate you'll easily be able to compare rates and services.
  • Some members of our network will require you to sign a term contract.  Be sure you understand the length and terms by carefully reading the agreement.
  • Each member has their own "guarantee" - be sure again to fully understand this term.

Customer Service

  • Do the employees listen to your concerns and address them with care and respect?
  • Can the employees identify the pest, explain the extent of the infestation, and provide details about the pest and its behavior?
  • Are they willing to discuss product selection and other details of the treatment?


Keeping Accurate Information

Upon deciding which of our network members you select to do the work be sure you have all the essential information on hand about the firm including:

  • Firm name, address, license info and phone
  • contact person
  • copy of your agreement
  • schedule of when service is to be performed

Virtually all of our members make customer satisfaction the number one priority.  Having a great relationship works as a mutual thing between our members and their clients.  Coordinating times that fit your schedule ensure you can take into consideration things such as who will be present during spraying and allow you time to move personal effects, pets or people out of the space during service if you so desire.

Here are the steps our members will take when quoting a treatment plan for residential and commercial pest control.

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