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Residential Pest Control Steps Include:

1. Home Visit and Assessment

Upon completing the "get a quote" form we'll have up to 3 of our network members contact you to schedule a home visit to conduct a complete inspection of what types of pests are present. This step may include walking your property and the interior of your home, conducting any necessary tests with cameras, moisture metering equipment and identifying points of entry.  Upon completion of this you'll receive a proposal that details the course of action to eliminate unwanted bugs and rodents.  The process usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

2. Treatment

Initial treatment sometimes involves a bit more time than what it takes to do ongoing maintenance.  A first visit may include one time work to ensure that subsequent work is effective.  Closing up open spaces or cracks is common.  Providing homeowners options is often part of a proposed plan.  Some homeowners simply want a one time treatment or have a single concern to address such as rodents or other animals gaining access.  Whatever the situation we have selected only experienced companies who can resolve virtually any concern you may have.

3. Ongoing Prevention

In order to ensure a pest free home the best course of action is to setup a regularly schedule maintenance service plan.  These plans are very affordable and provide a home owner with a peace of mind knowing that unwanted critters and bugs choose a different place to live.  Protection of our home against termites, bed bugs and rodents allows you to keep your family safe and your home structurally sound.

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